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  • Tremsford

    A small city that has a small canal running through it. To the north is the [[Nisgar River]] just before the [[Shinigar Forest]]; to the south, the [[Tremsford oasis]] as well as the [[Aridna Plains]]; to the west, the [[Dwagran Mountains]]; and to the …

  • Nudro

    A city that is larger than Tremsford and trades extensively to the west.

  • Gidrol

    A metropolis that assists both Nudro and Tremsford by supplying many abundant resources from the wastern cities such as [[Bundur]] in the [[Sali Desert]] to the north west and [[Kural]] also in the [[Sali Desert]] to the south south west. This city has to …

  • Tremsford oasis

    An oasis on the edge or the [[Aridna Plains]] created by the Tremsford Canal that runs through [[Tremsford]].

  • Bundur

    Bundur is the capital of the [[Kingdom of Sali]] and is the home of the King of Sali, King Tsolg.

  • Kural

    A city that is mostly supplied by [[Gidrol]] and has fended off the [[Huarin Tribe]] for Hundreds of years.

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